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Dallas Howard: My husband’s so supportive

Bryce Dallas Howard says her husband Seth Gabel is “unbelievably supportive” of her career.

The 34-year-old actress has to travel a lot for her career, which sees her filming in various locations around the globe.

But Bryce says that Seth Gabel, to whom she has been married since 2006 and has two children, couldn’t be a more supportive spouse.

"He's on a TV show [WGN America's Salem] seven months out of the year and he understands that I travel for work," she told People magazine. "Obviously we ideally wouldn't be separated but he's amazing. He’s unbelievably supportive.”

Bryce’s latest role in Jurassic World saw her shoot for six months in Hawaii and New Orleans.

But in order to maintain some kind of normality in her family life, she and Seth enroll their children Theo, eight, and three-year-old Beatrice in local schools during her shoots.

“They get to meet a lot of new friends," she said. "They love to travel."

Bryce does her utmost to stay balanced and serene in all aspects of her life. And she credits the Serenity Prayer, most commonly used by Alcoholics Anonymous, for helping her do so.

Despite it being used in AA, Bryce insists she has never had any alcohol, but just believes in its message.

"It is a powerful idea to have the wisdom to know the difference between what you can control and what you can't,” she said. “When I have that mantra in my head it helps me feel more balanced.

“I feel more balanced because sometimes there are things that you just can't control and you just try and be graceful through that time.

“And then there are times when you can control things and it's about applying your wisdom and working toward a solution. I think that's something I'm still consistently learning."

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