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Dame Helen Mirren: Over-privileged people annoy me

Dame Helen Mirren doesn’t have much respect for people “who just seem to waft through life” without having to work for what they have.

The 67-year-old Academy Award-winning actress is highly respected in her field and has been in show business for nearly 50 years.

She has worked hard to achieve success and finds it irritating to be around individuals who lead a largely leisurely life.

“It’s very annoying to go through life watching people who never seem too challenged and who just get everything they want without having to work for it,” she told MTV News.

“The rest of us who do have to struggle and fight get knocked back and we have to come forward again, because most of us have to fight.

“There are a privileged few who just seem to waft through life without meeting any adversity or difficulty.”

In order to remain at the top of her game Helen looks to her peers for inspiration.

She continually finds valuable knowledge from people who are younger than her.

“The people you learn from the most are very young people, I love working with young actors,” Helen gushed.

When Helen was in school she was given some valuable advice by her headmistress.

Although she was “so frightened” to speak with the schoolmaster at the time, the thespian is glad she sat through the meeting.

“She gave me the best advice – the worst thing about fear is fear itself,” Helen recalled. “She was scary but ultimately wise.”

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