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Dame Helen Mirren: We need another queen

Dame Helen Mirren hopes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child turns out to be a girl.

Catherine Middleton is currently in labour with her and husband Prince William’s first child together at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

Celebrated British actress Helen is excited about the new royal arrival, but confesses she definitely has a gender preference.

“[I’d prefer] another Queen,” she told UK newspaper The Independent.

“I think that would be great. We need more Queens.”

Although Helen has no children of her own, she has compassion for what the Duchess must have to deal with as a royal parent.

The thespian thinks bringing a child into the world under the watchful eye of the international public must be a very challenging experience.

“That’s weird isn’t it, everyone knowing you’re in labour,” Helen mused.

“That must be so uncomfortable.”

Apparently the Duke and Duchess are expected to be “more lenient” parents than their royal predecessors.

Former Kensington Palace chef Darren McGrady is convinced the couple will adopt a more modern approach to parenting that veers away from tradition.

"[Catherine has asked to] get much, much more time with the baby, and to a degree she will,” Darren explained to Us Weekly recently.

“They're evolving and becoming more and more normal as the years go on.

"While [Prince William’s dad] Prince Charles would have never ever changed a nappy or anything, I can see Prince William doing that."

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