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Damon mocks Dr Affleck

Matt Damon is tired of Ben Affleck bragging about his honorary doctorate.

The pair have been close since childhood and continue to champion each other's careers. Ben was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from Brown University in the US and Matt admits feeling jealous because he was once rejected from the institution.

"Oh that f**ker. It’s because I got rejected from Brown University. I got a picture through of a diploma with some snarky line. And I think, 'What is this bulls**t?' The next day I’m on the computer and it says 'Dream comes true for Ben Affleck'. I click on it and I’m like, 'He got a doctorate from Brown?!' I write to him: 'That was from Brown? You motherf**ker! You know they rejected me?'" Matt laughed to Shortlist magazine. "And he said, 'I know they did.' We’ve been joking around calling him doctor for the past week."

Although he wasn't accepted at Brown, Matt did study English at Harvard University from 1988 to 1992. However, he failed to graduate after asking to relocate to Los Angeles as he was writing the script for Good Will Hunting.

Matt was given an honorary arts medal from the university, but he is still feeling sore that Ben has a higher qualification to brag about.

"Yes, they gave me an arts medal, not a doctorate though," he joked. "The other email chain that started was with John Krasinski, because he went to Brown as an undergrad. So Ben wrote this whole thing about him driving down to Rhode Island, swinging by the campus and picking up the doctorate and he was like, to John, 'Did you spend four years there?'"

Matt is currently promoting his new action thriller Elysium. Although the 42-year-old star has been in a string of hit movies, he often contemplates taking a break to unwind with his wife and the four children they raise.

"What I have realised is that it is a zero sum game, just spending time doing that and not working on my day job and being with the kids. So I have to be careful," he smiled. "I have so much fun, I could easily fritter away half a year and not make any money."

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