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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Damon opens up about Clooney trick

George Clooney involved his friend Matt Damon in his prank

Matt Damon has revealed how he became involved in the latest of George Clooney's famous pranks.

The Hollywood star said he was drafted in to his pal's faux war against comediennes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, which started when they poked fun at the actors when they hosted the Golden Globes.

Matt told David Letterman on his US talk show that George "got a hold of made-up stationery with my name on it and sent them some wounded letter from me".

He said he was sitting at home last week when two huge fruit baskets were delivered.

"They're the size of your desk - I'm not kidding!" he said. "They're the biggest things I've ever seen. And one says 'Letter No 1' with an envelope attached, and the other says 'Letter No 2' with an envelope attached. I open the first envelope and it's this apology from Tina and Amy saying, 'We really thought you could take a joke. We're sorry we hurt your feelings'."

Matt then opened the second note, which said: "Dear, Matt, if your note is part of some George Clooney prank, as I very strongly suspect it is, you A-list amateurs are gonna have to step it the f*** up. We are not some easily confused starlets you're dealing with here. We are grown-a** professional comediennes. Please accept this fruit as a token of our sincerity. Best wishes, Elizabeth 'Tina' Fey and Amy 'Boston' Poehler."

George later revealed his side of the prank, explaining: "I sent her a letter saying, 'Dear Tina, listen, it's from Matt', and it just says, 'Look, it sounds hypocritical because I laughed at the jokes about George and Leo, but you know, that's sort of what people think about them. But when you called me a garbage man, it just seemed like low hanging fruit, it just seemed like an easy joke. And you know, I don't want an apology, I don't want anything else, I just want you to know that my kid now calls me the garbage man'."

The star promised more was to come.

"That's the appetiser," he vowed. "And what's coming now, the main course, it's pretty brutal."

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