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Dan Ackroyd's admiration for Prince Charles

Dan Aykroyd is Prince Charles’ number one fan and admires his manliness.

The Ghostbusters actor has recently celebrated the popular movie franchise’s 30th birthday, with the film remaining ever popular to new and old fans alike.

His successful film career has paved the way for Dan to hang out with other big names, both in Hollywood and across the pond, including getting to know British royalty.

He crowns Prince Charles as Britain’s best dressed man, but warns people not to be fooled by his sharp suits.

“Well, if you shake [Prince Charles’] hand, I'm telling you those hands don't go with that suit because he has really big mitts and they're rough because he works in the garden,” Dan explained to the British edition of GQ magazine. “You know, he'll grab a rose stem and just rip it out. He's a man of the earth.

“I not only like him because of his clothes, I like what he's doing for this country and for his people. He supports so many causes that advantage the disadvantaged, his housing projects, how he's turned around the Duchy of Cornwall into an employment force. He's just a really admirable figure, apart from being well dressed, I just admire him as a human being.”

While he’s well known for playing Ghostbuster Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dan’s also a bit of a daredevil in real life too.

Revealing he’s gone through six cat lives, Dan says he’s escaped death more times than most people.

“When I was working for the CBC in Canada, we were filming a comedy and I was chasing my co-star, Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live, around the top of a warehouse, she was on the other side of a skylight and I thought, ‘I'm just going to hop over the skylight,’ but I fell 50 feet from the top, through the skylight yet I walked into the ambulance without a single scratch,” he said of one of his near death experiences.

“So, you know, I have three cat lives left. I'm now very, very careful about where I go and what I do.”

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