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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Dance: I'd love to do more comedy

Charles Dance said that he loves doing comedy

Charles Dance has confessed he'd love to do more comedy.

The 66-year-old actor is famous for starring in dramas such as The Jewel In The Crown and hit HBO drama Game Of Thrones and often plays villains.

But he admitted: "I would prefer comedy, but I don't often get asked to do it, so when the opportunity arises I grab it. Because in this business you are what you are seen to be, and if you're seen to be doing something reasonably well that's what you tend to get offered.

"I haven't done that much comedy, and I love it. It's a good feeling to make somebody laugh."

Charles recently played an ageing rocker in one-off comedy short Common Ground on Sky Atlantic, but revealed he hoped he could have his own spin-off sitcom.

He said: "I hope there's a further life for that character, because this guy was an over-the-hill tired rock and roll tour manager. He had lots of tattoos and earrings and a balding man's ponytail and was growing rather exotic things in the wardrobe in his long suffering son-in-law's house and it was great fun."

:: Game Of Thrones Season Two is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday March 4 and Season Three returns to Sky Atlantic on April 1, 2013.

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