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Monday 21 April 2014

Dance-off for Hough and Norris

Dean Norris and Derek Hough had a post-Emmys dance-off

Derek Hough and Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris challenged each other to a dance-off after their Emmy wins.

The stars showed off their moves on the dancefloor with an impromptu battle at the AMC afterparty, as Dean's co-star Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian and Derek's sister Julianne watched on, reported Us Weekly.

"Derek was twirling around while Dean did snake moves as they went back and forth to Stealer Wheel's hit, Stuck In The Middle With You," one of the guests said of the friendly competition.

"Guests circled the dance floor and sung along while cheering and Derek and Dean began taking guests hands and bringing them closer to join in. They were having a blast. Everyone was cheering and clapping along to the beat."

Derek was the winner of outstanding choreography for his work on Dancing With The Stars, while Dean - who also stars in Channel 5 drama Under The Dome - was part of the ensemble cast of Breaking Bad, which picked up outstanding drama series.

"Dean was totally rocking out, he had sweat dropping down his cheeks! He and Derek were goofing off and loving the attention," the eyewitness added.

The pair later faced off again to the Jackson Five hit ABC and We Are The Champions by Queen.

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