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Daniel Craig: Private life is everything

Actor Daniel Craig still struggles to cope with the fame that comes with James Bond.

James Bond star Daniel Craig will always value his privacy above anything else.

The British star embodied 007 in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and latest instalment Spectre. With the buzz surrounding the franchise, it's no surprise things can seem overwhelming for the actor - particularly because he's actually not the kind of guy who likes to be in the spotlight.

"I didn't take the role for the fame," he told Germany's TV Direkt magazine. "I just want to be in front of a camera and act. Besides that, I'm actually the kind of guy who shies away from publicity. My private life is the most important thing for me and I always plan to keep it that way."

Daniel wouldn't comment on whether this will be his last outing as Bond but did say he thinks the films will live on indefinitely. "I think the world needs James Bond," he reasoned. "With or without me, Bond will live on! The films are huge events that fans can't wait for."

Spectre makes a return to the classic spy films, throwing in the witty lines and fight scenes the audience would expect from the older movies. Daniel admits he was very keen to keep things classic with the newest instalment.

"Everything that’s in this Bond film, obviously!" he laughed to Den of Geek recently when asked what makes a successful movie. "You know the list. All of that. We’ve tried to put them in. I said from the beginning of this, I want all these things in, and we tried to get them in the movie. Casino was a way of starting again, but I want the fun, the celebration, all of that back in. I couldn’t have planned this, but it’s very natural the way we’ve gone to this, hopefully now it’s a real celebration of Bond."

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