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Daniel culled crazy pal

Daniel Radcliffe cut ties with someone in his life after realizing that person was “rude and horrible”.

The actor is currently promoting Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays gay Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Daniel found it easy to draw parallels between his character and his real-life experiences of getting in with the wrong people.

“I innately tried to find the person in my life that was Lucien [Carr] to me - [an] incredibly attractive, irresistible force that actually turned out to be terrible, bad news. And I had to not be around [that person] anymore. I didn’t have to think long [to figure out who that person was],” he told Elle. “This person, in my life, was crazy and wild. That’s what was very attractive about [this person].”

Daniel failed to name the person in question, but insists he soon realised they were a negative influence on him.

“Ultimately, I had a moment of saying, ‘Actually, you are just rude and horrible to people.’ When you get to a point when you see that, it’s important to make a decision and move on from it,” he said.

The 24-year-old Harry Potter star also spoke about struggling to fit in. He admits it was tough to be himself and not worry about what others thought when he was younger.

“I definitely had a feeling of being different. It was a feeling of social insecurity. I don’t know the initial reasons why I felt socially awkward and felt that I didn’t fit in with the rest of the people there. But at some point, self-preservation kicks in and you can call yourself a misfit and say, ‘I’m different for a reason, and I will pursue that path.’ I don’t know why that happens,” Daniel said. “At that point, when school divides between kids that are cool and kids that don’t give a sh*t about being cool, [I wish I would have known that] if you are in that second group, you are going to be okay for the rest of your life. If you are in with the cool kids, you may struggle when you leave.”

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