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Daniel Day-Lewis: TV influences politics

Daniel Day-Lewis thinks television reduces "everything to platitudes".

The actor has been highly praised for his portrayal of US President Abraham Lincoln in his latest movie Lincoln. The role has already won him a best actor Golden Globe Award, as well as nominations at the BAFTAs and Oscars.

While promoting the release, Daniel gave his thoughts on how political life has changed since Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

"The difference was made by the standardised machine of television, which reduces everything to platitudes and simple pictures," he told German newspaper Zeit.

Researching his role meant Daniel learnt a great deal about the politician, who was in power during the American Civil War. The more he heard about Lincoln the more the actor grew to like him and he now believes they have some things in common.

"I hope there are links between us. If only they were bigger ones!" the actor said.

The 55-year-old is renowned for being a method actor, meaning he often stays in character even when the cameras aren't rolling. It has been widely reported that Daniel became so engrossed in the president's life that he found himself signing letters 'A' while he was shooting the release.

The star is shy about his efforts though and has insisted he doesn't immerse himself in his characters as much as he used to. Daniel claims the key to giving a great performance is ensuring viewers believe in his work.

"I have realised that the work part of creating an illusion for others mainly consists of creating an illusion for yourself," he said.

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