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Daniel Radcliffe: I confuse kids

Daniel Radcliffe feels sorry for "confused" children who think he can do magic, and would never tell them to "grow up".

The actor is famed for starring as wizard Harry Potter in the hugely successful fantasy film franchise. His younger fans always assume he can practice magic in real life so he tries to let them down gently.

"Yes, that's very confusing for them. If they ask me to do a spell I'll usually say, 'I can't right now, there are people watching.' That's a bit kinder than, 'Grow up you little sh*t, there's no such thing as magic! Oh, and Santa Claus isn't real either,'" he laughed in an interview with Shortlist magazine.

Daniel is professional on film sets. He is starring in upcoming thriller The Woman in Black, and there was no joking around while filming.

"God, no," he replied when asked if he messed around for the blooper reel. "Even when I was 11 on the first Potter film and the other kids would say, 'Let's do something funny on this take,' I'd think, 'No. Why don't we just do our jobs?' The crew don't f**k about, do they? They don't do one take where they all f**king shake the camera. So why should the actors do it?"

Daniel has garnered a legion of female fans since shooting to international fame in Harry Potter. The 22-year-old star likes to use famous lines on overzealous admirers.

"I get a lot of marriage proposals. Girls will come up and say, 'I love you!', to which I have a few responses.

"I use the old Seinfeld one a lot - 'I love you too but I think we should see other people,'" he laughed. "That always goes down well."

Daniel stopped having alcohol last year when he felt it was harming his health. The star regrets not drinking more Baileys Irish cream though.

"I had a taste of Baileys just before I stopped drinking and I thought, 'Gosh, that's nice. I could drink a huge amount of this.' It would have made things more pleasant for the people doing my make-up on set. They'd have smelt Baileys on my breath in the morning instead of vodka," he smiled.

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