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Daniel Radcliffe: I need tranquillity

Daniel Radcliffe wants a partner who will balance him out.

The former Harry Potter star is currently dating actress Erin Darke. As the star of indie love story What If, the 25-year-old has opened up about his own relationship and what he looks for in a partner.

"It's nice to have somebody who balances you out - you obviously want common ground, but you don't want too much or you'll be stepping on each other's toes," he opened up to British magazine Hello!

"I'm quite a high-energy, hyperactive type so I tend to gravitate towards people who are calmer."

The actor is quite a romantic soul and has flown all over the world to surprise former girlfriends with a visit. Erin has also managed to pull off some romantic gestures for her star beau.

"She threw a surprise party just before my birthday at table-tennis club Spin, in New York, owned by Susan Sarandon," he recalled.

"It was so special because I do have an odd life, with people I love living all over the world, but that evening I had one of those moments where I looked around and thought, 'If all these people are here on my birthday, then I must be doing something right because I love all of them.'"

Daniel is still fondly remembered as boy wizard Harry by his fans, but has been trying to detach himself from the franchise with projects such as horror film Horns.

He admits it's strange when fans can recall more about the magical movies than him.

"They're something else," he laughed about the Harry die-hards.

"They know much more about the films than I do - I can tell you about being on the set, but not about what happened scene by scene. They're fantastic though, even if they out-geek me."

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