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Daniel Radcliffe: I'm not boho

Daniel Radcliffe's friends wish he was more of a "boho artist".

The actor made his Broadway debut in musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying last year. He's also been living in New York, which means he has started pursing some new hobbies.

His pals hoped the theatre production would widen his interests but most can't believe he's become a fan of boxing.

"My show is pretty physical. But when I see boxers, I think, 'That's the equivalent of doing my entire show and being punched, all night.' Huge discipline. Amazing!" he enthused. "I'm not the boho artist all my friends would like me to be."

Daniel has been open about his struggle with alcohol and has now given up drinking. He realised he had a problem when he began finding himself in dangerous situations when he was partying.

The star is adamant his decision was the right one, although he knows many can't believe his is sober at the age of 22.

"Well, I do consider that. Yes, I do. Absolutely," he told the March edition of UK Glamour magazine, when asked if he views himself as an alcoholic who can't drink again.

"That's how I see myself, that's how I came to realise that that was the problem. And the change in my life has been so wonderful. I'm not saying I'm never going to [drink] again, all I can do is not do it today."

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