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Daniel Radcliffe: New movie is shocking

Daniel Radcliffe hopes people will be "traumatised" by his new movie.

The British actor can currently be seen in the horror film The Woman in Black. Daniel is immensely proud of his latest project, which is packed with suspenseful and chilling scenes. He wants people to feel scared when they watch it as it will prove he has done his job well.

"I want to traumatise as many people as I can with this film," he said during an interview with UK TV show Daybreak. "This is not a bloody film or a gory film, it is nothing like that. I fall into the category of people who do not like blood or gore.

"This is a film that will make you scared of the dark - it taps into kind of more fundamental human fears."

Daniel shot to fame starring in the Harry Potter movie franchise. This is his first big screen outing since the wizard series ended and he is thrilled to see his career continuing to flourish.

"I feel very lucky that this is the first thing I got to do after Harry Potter. You know, I read the script for this four hours after I finished my last shot for Potter," he explained.

In The Woman in Black, Daniel plays a young lawyer who discovers a vengeful ghost is terrorising a remote village.

The 22-year-old enjoyed playing a father in the movie, and made sure his on-screen children felt comfortable on the set.

"I am always very protective of kids when they come onto film sets, because obviously my background. I had an amazing time on those first films, I had such a great experience and I always feel some sort of obligation to make sure that they have a good time as well," he added. "My real-life godson plays my son in the film, so there was a natural chemistry already there. He is incredibly sweet and very good in the film."

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