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Daniel Radcliffe: Potter movies like home videos

For Daniel Radcliffe the Harry Potter box set is just an expensive collection of "home videos".

The British actor found fame portraying the boy wizard in the popular fantasy franchise.

With the final instalment hitting cinemas in 2011, the 23-year-old won't be revisiting the box set anytime soon.

"No! It would be like watching a home video of yourself as a kid," he exclaimed to the British edition of Glamour magazine.

"Essentially that's what I have - the world's most expensive collection of home videos ever made."

One of Daniel's recent projects was TV series A Young Doctor's Notebook, which also starred Mad Men's Jon Hamm.

The star often gets quizzed about his dapper colleague.

"Jon is one of those guys that every woman wants to know about," Daniel laughed.

"I'm pleased to confirm that he's fantastic - he couldn't be less like [adulterous Mad Men character] Don Draper."

While Jon is known for being a heartthrob, Daniel also has his fair share of admirers.

One particular older woman will always stick in his mind.

"She wrote saying she was going to be in New York when I was doing Equus, gave me her hotel room number and told me what seat she'd be in, in the audience," he laughed.

"The thing is, I was 18 and still living with my dad at the time, so it was him who actually got the letter. My advice to her in the future? If you want to seduce a younger man, don't go through his parents!"

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