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Daniel Radcliffe respects fame

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't want to take his celebrity status for granted as he believes that's the quickest way to end up on a reality TV show.

The British actor was cast as child wizard Harry Potter in the hugely successful film franchise at the tender age of 11, and has seen his profile continue to rise since.

Daniel doesn't ever want to get complacent about his fame and multitude of fans, as he has joked that is what will land him on a reality television show.

"Not that much," he told French magazine Be when asked if his extreme celebrity complicates his private life.

"I think it's less violent for an actor than for an actress, as paparazzi are much more threatening [with them]. The idea is to never believe that you are special just because you are famous... Otherwise, the day when celebrity vanishes, it's the best way to end up in a reality TV show!"

Daniel has admitted to drinking too much in the past. The 22-year-old star says it wasn't related to dealing with the hysteria surrounding the success of Harry Potter though.

"No, I think it would have happened with or without the excitement. I have unfortunately got an addictive personality, and alcohol is the most acceptable addiction for most people," he revealed.

"But you start thinking that you should sort it out the issue when it leads you to experience disturbing things. It is what I've been doing, and I've carried on."

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