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Daniel Radcliffe reveals campus cavorting

Daniel Radcliffe has recalled being "kicked out" of a university campus in the middle of the night.

The British actor had been shooting indie movie Kill Your Darlings, a fictional retelling of the lives of iconic beat poets. Daniel played Allen Ginsberg in the film, which also starred Elizabeth Olsen and Jack Huston. He formed a close bond with his co-stars and some of them enjoyed letting off steam together. However, their antics got out of hand on one occasion when they were asked to leave a campus while dressed in their movie outfits.

"We were kicked out of Columbia University at 4am in the morning. We were running through the campus trying to knock off one last shot before we got expelled from the premises," Daniel told Shortlist magazine. "These drunk college kids were just like, 'What the f**k?' And I was in Ginsberg gear with a perm."

Daniel is currently promoting his new four-part TV show A Young Doctor's Notebook. In the series, Daniel plays a young physician working in rural Russia in 1917, while Jon Hamm portrays an older version of the character.

The star was thrilled to work alongside Mad Men actor Jon and was even happier when they filmed a fight scene.

"I'm surprisingly robust. I've been training with the stunt department since I was 12 - I love all that. And I'm pleased because I gave Jon a good punch," he laughed. "I came out of it quite well."

The 23-year-old shot to fame playing Harry Potter in the blockbuster movie franchise and has been careful to choose roles which are a departure from the iconic boy wizard character. Daniel is proud to have starred in a theatre production of Equus, where he appeared naked on stage.

"It's not about shocking people for shock's sake, it's about doing good work and things that interest and excite me. I mean, I played a guy who simulated sex on the back of a horse [in Equus] when I was 17, and [Harry Potter fans] were fine with that," he explained. "Doing Equus was important. It showed people that I wasn't just here to capitalise on the Potter fame for as long as I could. I think ultimately, I'm ambitious because I want to prove everyone wrong who thinks that it's impossible to emerge from Harry Potter and do well."

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