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Daniel Radcliffe: Spooked audiences are entertaining

Daniel Radcliffe likes to find a group of teenage girls to watch until they "freak out and scream" at the cinema.

The actor has moved away from his Harry Potter days now the franchise has ended. He appeared in spooky thriller The Woman in Black and enjoyed watching audiences' reactions to it first-hand.

"It's a very, very satisfying film to watch like that, because my favorite thing to do is to pick a person, normally a group of teenage girls, and just watch them until they freak out and scream and throw popcorn everywhere," he laughed.

Daniel saw the movie three times before it was actually released. He sat in different places in the theater each time and found the experience varied dramatically.

His favorite was when he saw how scared viewers were.

"When you sit at the back and you can actually see the reactions of the people and you can see everyone jumping and kind of jostling each other as they scream," he smiled to Collider.

Daniel is taking a break from movies for a while as he waits to find something new to work on. He is strict about the type of roles he will try out for as he wants to find the shooting experience magical.

"There are lots of offers around, but I want to do something that I'm really - I've never been on a set of something that I'm not very passionate about, and I can't imagine being on a set without being very passionate about something, so I've got to wait until I find something that I know really want to do," he said.

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