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Thursday 17 April 2014

Danny DeVito avoids rude people

Danny De Vito

Danny DeVito "puts a tag" on people who are too rude to work with again.

The Hollywood star feels fortunate to have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson. However, he's occasionally come up against people he was less impressed with.

"There have been people who you run across who you feel aren't treating other folks like you'd like to. Those are the people you just avoid. They have their own problems and personal stuff - like for instance a movie star, director or producer who treats people who work for them in not a kind way. Those are the people you put a little tag on - if that's the way they're gonna be in life you'd rather not work for them," he told BBC.

Danny explained that if the director on a project makes people feel at ease things usually work out well. Similarly, it can be obvious if someone is "abusing their power".

The actor famously worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the 1988 movie Twins and they are reuniting for a sequel which will also star Eddie Murphy.

Danny and Arnold share very different political beliefs but still enjoy a strong friendship.

"Arnold and I, we're totally opposite ends of I'm a democrat, he's a republican. He was a supporter of George Bush I am very definitely not. We get on well on set Now he's finished with the insanity of being the Governor of California, which didn't work out very well," Danny laughed.

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