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Danny DeVito on Douglas bond

Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas developed a firm friendship because they both liked "getting ripped".

The two actors have known each other for many years and even shared a home at one point. Danny is in no doubt about why they get along so well.

"We met at a playwrights' conference in Connecticut in 1966. Michael was out there for the summer and we had a really big connection. [It was based on] pot!" he laughed. "I was a hippy and so was he, and we were the only ones. So we'd just hang out together and get ripped."

Danny always harboured dreams of movie making and worked at his sister's hair salon to put himself through acting school.

He was in his late teens when he started styling hair and found he had a talent for it - so much so some of his clients asked him to do their hair forever.

"I'm wearing dark clothes, I have nice shoes, the pompadour hair and the gift of the gab," he recalled to British newspaper The Times. "I get all the grey-haired old ladies and they love me. And some of them I do even after they're dead. Oh yeah! They wanted me to do their hair when they were laid out!

"Well, you know one thing's for sure, they're not going to complain about the hairstyle."

The 67-year-old star loves his job and is proud of everything he's achieved, especially because he's now rich.

"Money is really important in my life. It's a fun thing to have. To buy stuff," he said, after which he was asked the best thing he's ever bought. "My house! Oh, my God. It's huge! I have a screening room, two swimming pools, family rooms, all the stuff. I've been there for 20 years and it's like an artists' colony now, because all my kids come and bring their friends, and they live there."

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