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Danny Dyer: 'There'll be no Barbies this Christmas'

Danny Dyer admits playing with Barbies for years has finally taken its toll.

Danny Dyer is looking forward to switching Barbies for “intricate Lego” this Christmas.

The EastEnders star has daughters Danni and Sunnie with his partner Joanne Mas, but in 2013 they welcomed their first son, Arty. After so many years of playing with girly toys, the actor is excited he now has a little lad to buy presents for.

“I’ve got a son now, so I’m going to buy him really intricate Lego that he can build,” an excitable Danny told Britain’s Heat magazine. “I love Lego. I love my daughters, but playing with Barbies takes its toll. I’ve only got so much to give – I don’t really know the games. (Sunnie) flicks the hair and I’m a bit rubbish, then she wants to change the clobber and you’re thinking, ‘Oh for f**k’s sake, I can’t get the trousers off!’ Whereas now, I can just do boy’s stuff.”

Thinking about his kids at Christmas made Danny reflect on the best and worst presents he’s ever received. A pogo stick he was gifted made it into both categories because he’d wanted one for ages – and then when he got it, realised he was terrible at it.

“The thing is, I was getting the hump with it,” he sighed. “I was throwing it around. I just couldn’t work out why on the adverts they could do 12 (jumps). They were going to school on them, crossing the zebra crossing and I couldn’t even f**king stand up on it! I really practised and everything.”

Christmas will be a good chance for Danny to relax, after he recently revealed an EastEnders lake stunt went horribly wrong. The harrowing underwater scenes are due to be aired during a special on New Year’s Day (01Jan16).

"We went to Pinewood and we did it properly and I've got to say some of that stuff under the water, I was actually fighting for my life in real life,” he recalled.

"I couldn't quite find the surface."

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