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Daryl Hannah: Solitary confinement is scary!

Daryl Hannah says being in solitary confinement can be "kind of scary and boring".

The 54-year-old star has become as well known for her environmental activism as she has for acting over the last few years. She's been arrested for protesting on several occasions but never has a particularly bad time behind bars, with her A-list status allowing her a few perks.

"Oh yeah, it’s pretty funny. Generally I end up taking pictures with the sheriffs at the station. So I do get singled out – not necessarily in good ways," she told British newspaper The Guardian. "The times I’ve been put in jail, I’m always in solitary. Partly because they think, ‘Oh, she must be the ringleader.’ Partly to protect me from the drunks and murderers. It’s kind of scary and boring being in solitary.”

Although her fame makes her the centre of attention wherever she goes, it's not something Daryl has ever got used to. As a youngster she was picked on at school because she was different, with a doctor diagnosing her as borderline autistic at one point.

Acting presented an opportunity for her to escape and delve into another character, which is why she initially fell in love with it.

"I always loved the process, but I was very uncomfortable with the other aspects of the job – the publicity and all that stuff. And I didn’t anticipate that, because I was such a fan of 30s and 40s cinema: I thought it would all be so glamorous. ‘Oh, I’ll be getting out of a car and walking into Grauman’s Chinese theatre, won’t that be so wonderful?’ I didn’t realise that, because I was a self-conscious, picked-on kid, when people were looking at me, I’d feel they were making fun of me," she explained.

The star was usually cast as the desirable character when she was first in movies, which she doesn't find particularly surprising. As far as Daryl is concerned that's the norm when it comes to females, especially young ones, who are trying to make it in Hollywood.

"It’s a male-dominated industry. It’s just a bunch of guys saying: ‘Let’s make the girl younger, and sexy, and hot.’ So, yeah, of course it’s exploitative. And that’s unfortunate because it has the potential to be really transformative in expressing the human condition," she said.

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