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Dave Franco: James doesn't surprise me

Dave Franco's life is completely different from his brother James', but his older sibling's antics aren't all that shocking to him.

The 28-year-old star is the younger sibling of James Franco, and both brothers have followed a similar career path and gone into acting.

While Dave manages to keep a relatively low profile, James often makes headlines for both his work and personal life. Most recently the This Is the End actor has taken up the trend for underwear selfies.

"I enjoy my downtime. I am not attending ten colleges at the same time while trying to direct a movie while trying to act in a different movie across the country all at the same time.

"When I hear about the endeavours he’s tackling, maybe I have a millisecond of shock but then I check myself and think: what the hell else would he do? Of course he’s recreating the infamous scene from the Al Pacino movie Cruising where he’s in a gay fetish club," Dave laughed to the British edition of Esquire magazine.

The brothers joined forces in the past for a series of comedy videos for Dave's Funny or Die account, poking fun at James' movie star persona.

Dave's viral videos have amassed millions of views, and his 2011 clip with Superbad's Christopher Mintz-Plasse even led to one of his biggest film roles to date.

"As sick and twisted and depraved as they may be, they were at least an accurate representation of my sense of humour. If you do a video on Funny or Die, more people could potentially see it than if you do an independent film," he explained.

"A huge reason I got the role in 21 Jump Street was my You’re So Hot video. The fact that a video where I’m telling Chris Mintz-Plasse how much I want to have sex with him launched my career is insane."

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