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Dave Grohl: My kids are the next Haim!

Dave Grohl has big musical plans for his children.

The Foo Fighters rocker is dad to girls Violet, nine, Harper, six, and ten-month-old Ophelia with his wife Jordyn Blum.

Dave has dozens of accomplishments under his belt, including winning NME's Godlike Genius Award. But there's still something he wants to accomplish before it's too late.

"My bucket list is so short these days, I call it my 'f**kit' list. You know who I look forward to jamming with the most? My kids. I can only hope that I have my own little Haim to jam with someday. Though I'm probably the last person they'd want to be their drummer!" he grinned to Q magazine, referring to the sister trio band made up of Este, Danielle and Alana.

Being the dedicated musician he is, Dave is continuing to play gigs despite breaking his leg in Sweden in June. He was recently snapped performing with his band in South Korea in a huge Game of Thrones style chair, surrounded by guitars' laser lights.

"Knowing that I wouldn't be up and racing around a stage for a while, I figured the only way to keep going was to sit with my leg elevated," he reasoned. "But nobody wants to see a dude on a f**king stool screaming his balls off every night, so I drew this hilariously amateur picture of a chair with lights, lasers and guitar necks shooting out of it and sent it to my lighting designer, Dan Hadley."

Much to the 46-year-old's surprise, the technician was quick to draw up a proper plan and before Dave knew it, he was perched upon the impressive piece of furniture in front of a crowd of thousands.

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