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David Arquette drinking again

David Arquette is still a slave to his addictions following a 2011 stint in rehab.

The 41-year-old actor spent 28 days in rehab in 2011 following his split from ex-wife Courteney Cox.

He revealed on Monday’s The Howard Stern Show that he’s fallen off the wagon after 28 months without a drink.

The Scream star confessed he was wary of sharing the news with Stern, his long-time friend, because he fears he’ll now be a target.

"My problem with being honest with you and talking to you is that people are going to take all this and just be cruel with it,” David admitted, adding that he wished people were less judgmental.

"The whole game of life, I got it. It's called the kindness game and kindness is the new currency. Love is the new currency. People are so cruel to each other throughout the world, everyone is always, like, trying to get over on someone else. And it's really about being kinder,” he reasoned.

David was asked by the shock jock if he felt he has control over his addictions.

The radio host inquired if David would be able to stop after having two drinks or if he would finish an entire bottle.

"I'm a drinker, so I drink a lot,” he said.

The actor also admitted to the America’s Got Talent judge that he’s smoking marijuana.

But David downplayed how much.

"Yeah, I'll smoke a little weed,” he admitted. “I don't really want to get into all that, because the problem is people are going to take this and start talking about it.

"I'd been sober for two years and four months and feeling that I wasn't being that true to myself, like what I enjoy and this and that," he said, adding that he’s now seeking help.

"I got my own problems, yes, and I will sort them out. I go to a therapist, I really am working on myself. I'm trying to discover what it is, this is a big part of it, me figuring out this kindness game."

David said his ex, Courteney, is aware that he’s drinking again.

The pair have remained friends since their divorce and he says she’s been “understanding”.

The couple are parents to nine-year-old daughter, Coco.

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