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David Beckham: I'm not posh

David Beckham can't believe some people think he's had voice coaching.

The former soccer star boasts distinctive high-pitched vocals which give away his London roots. A new movie called The Class of 92 follows him and some of his former Manchester United team mates as their careers started and he was shocked to hear what he sounded like all those years ago.

"My voice is so Cockney! You know, I've lived in Spain, Manchester, LA, but I've never really lost my accent," he told British magazine Heat. "Obviously, it was stronger back in the day, but I heard the other day that I'd had elocution lessons which I haven't. I'm looking back and thinking, 'Really?' I don't sound posh at all."

The film has caused David to reflect on his life, including his marriage to Victoria Beckham. The pair have four children together and the sportsman is proud of everything they've been through - even if he would take back one or two of their sartorial choices.

"We've been together for 16 years and we've been married for 14. We've worked matching outfits over the years. [Smirks.] Some looked good... and some not so good. She always looked good in them, I'm not sure I looked as great, but yeah..." he laughed. "We've created a family together, we've created four amazing children and something I'm personally very proud of is the fact that our children have lived through my career with me. That's something I'm proudest of. They're kids, they have their moments, but they're special kids. They're amazing."

Over the last few weeks there have been rumours David is to receive a knighthood, much to his excitement. If it was to happen, the 38-year-old star would be most excited for his family as he knows it would mean so much to them.

"Apparently so! You know, I've very proud of what I've achieved throughout my career the fact that I have an OBE... the fact that I could take my grandparents to the palace and let them experience that with me, but we'll see what happens in the future. I'm very proud of what I've got," he said.

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