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David Hasselhoff: I handpicked Baywatch babes

David Hasselhoff has joked the female cast of Baywatch were "handpicked" by him - either because they were "super-hot or not".

The 59-year-old actor is internationally recognised for his role as LA County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the popular TV series.

David has laughed off the fact that he personally chose the girls to join the cast.

"Yes. I kind of handpicked them. We never really auditioned them, we just said, 'Wow, yes.' We never really auditioned them because they were super-hot or not. Shallow is a good word to use for this," he laughed in an interview with BBC Radio One.

"There were certain ones that couldn't swim and it was such a shame because they were so hot! I was like, 'Are you sure you can't swim? Well, maybe you could be rescued?'"

David is starring in upcoming film Piranha 3DD. The actor appears as himself in the comedy horror and has joked about the themes of the film.

"This is not a film for the squeamish. You may never take a bath again. It outdoes any movie you've ever seen. I've heard there's a sequel to it - Piranhas on a plane," he quipped.

David appeared as a judge alongside Simon Cowell on hit TV show Britain's Got Talent. The star found the contestants entertaining to say the least.

"It was great being on the show. I loved Simon Cowell. But to be honest it's more fun to be on stage," he explained.

"I want to tell these people they should go back to prison or take some more medication."

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