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David Hasselhoff: I hate reality TV

David Hasselhoff has slammed reality TV for being "mindless".

The 62-year-old star made his name on TV shows like Knight Rider and Baywatch, and he's appeared in movies too. His new outing is in series Hoff the Record, which is an improvised comedy and spoofs the star making various attempts to relaunch his career.

While he's happy to poke fun at himself in this way, there are some things David can't imagine doing.

"Rudeness, and people who are disrespectful or racist. Complacency is a big one for me, too. Reality television. I hate it. Sometimes I'll find myself watching it just to see how far people will go to become famous. To me, it's not entertainment. It's just mindless," he told British magazine Heat when asked what annoys him.

"They're a misrepresentation of people. They look to get people to say horrible things about each other and have drama and it's a negative form of television. The people who make the shows want drama. They want people crying and yelling and hurting each other. It sends out the wrong message about what fame is. It's a dirty form of fame."

David takes being a celebrity seriously - he has to, as he's constantly recognised. He's been approached in restaurant bathrooms in the past and often has people telling him he looks like David Hasselhoff, but not believing he's the real deal.

Sometimes it can be tough to be so recognisable, with the star donning a hat as a disguise. Luckily his girlfriend Hayley Roberts makes him realise that he owes it to his fans to give them the time of day.

"She's gotten used to it and actually she's really great. If she sees a person waiting for an autograph in a wheelchair or a family or a little person who really is enamoured by me, she'll tell me. I'll put on blinders and just keep moving, but she'll say, 'Come on, oh my God, please do this.' And then she'll end up taking the camera and taking the shot. She knows the drill now. The drill is take a shot and let's go," he said.

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