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David Hasselhoff: Impersonator conned me

David Hasselhoff has lamented the fact that an impersonator earns more than he does.

The TV star has recalled coming across his double at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, where they were both booked to perform their routines.

David was shocked to find out that the copycat act had been hired for more stand up shows as 'The Hoff' than himself. He also joked that the man was trying to steal his girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

"We found a guy walking around dressed up as me going 'I'm the third best Hoff impersonator in my village'. And he had Hayley - he picked up my girlfriend. [Puts on girly voice] She goes 'Look honey, it's The Hoff!' and I'm like 'Get away from this guy!'. But the funny thing about it is that this guy was making more money than all of us. He had 28 frickin' shows and we [David Hasselhoff and UK DJ Scott Mills] sang Guy Love at midnight!" he laughed in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

David also revealed that while he loves going to the comedy festival, he has previously encountered the worst accommodation of his career at the event.

The star - who is set to perform again at this year's comic get-together - said he had to find himself another place to stay because the room he had been given was so bad.

"The BBC put us in apartments that were worse than East Germany. It was horrible, I thought I was being punished. I walked in and I said 'No No.' It really looked like an East German prison," he quipped.

"It was a studio apartment, but they marked it up at £200 a night. I didn't even go on that bed because it looked like things were moving - and it wasn't Hoff crabs. We found a real nice place after that."

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