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Dax Shepard’s path to parenthood

Dax Shepard cannot believe how he has ended up on the same path as wife Kristen Bell.

The Without a Paddle actor tied the knot with fellow thespian Kristen Bell in October 2013. While Dax has battled alcoholism in the past, Kristen went to Catholic school and lead a straightforward life. The star still cannot fathom how such different people can come together and share such a harmonious life.

“We come from such a different starting point and I do think it’s probably the neatest thing about life,” he said during an appearance on Off Camera with Sam Jones. “We live in the same house, we have the same two kids, we make the same amount of money, we have the same job … Look how different a path you can take and end up in the exact same spot in life. It’s insane.”

The couple have two children together, daughter’s Lincoln, two and Delta, four months. Dax tries to keep in mind that even if his girls do seem like they’re heading down the wrong path in their tricky teenage years, there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

“I need to remind myself of that and I have friends who are worried that [their child is] straying off over here … You don’t know what they’re going to turn out to be,” he added. “They may end up in the same house as Kristen. You just don’t know! It’s wild what a different road you can both take to the same exit.”

Kristen and Dax have been very open about their marriage and their decision to regularly attend couple’s therapy sessions.

“We went to couple’s therapy right out of the gates,” he explained. “It’s the first time I’ve ever done couples therapy at the beginning of the relationship instead of trying to fix one that’s been destroyed, and I got to say, we all have it backward — you should start there!”

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