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DCFS to interview Berry and Aubry together

Child services authorities are eager to interview Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry together.

The actress' ex-flame is currently involved in an investigation where it is alleged that he pushed Halle's nanny while she was carrying their three-year-old daughter Nahla.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) will need to question the pair together on the issue.

"It's important for DCFS to interview Halle and Gabriel together, because they are the parents, and they are going to need to work together to parent their daughter, and that clearly isn't happening currently, and the person it's hurting the most is Nahla," a source told Radar Online.

Gabriel intends to cooperate with authorities on the matter.

"Gabriel is willing to put his issues with Halle aside because he truly wants what is best for Nahla," the source continued. "He has instructed his attorney to tell social workers to name a time and place for the interview, and he will be there."

This type of interrogation is a customary practice for DCFS when investigating abuse allegations.

"This is routinely done in cases like this," the insider explained. "You have two parents that have been to court multiple times regarding custody issues, and now there are allegations of abuse, which DCFS takes very, very seriously. Social workers need to see how Halle and Gabriel interact together. Physical abuse isn't the only aspect social workers are investigating, they want to determine if there has been any emotional abuse that Nahla has been subjected to."

Halle was interviewed by authorities about the nanny claims this Wednesday.

Gabriel is under investigation for misdemeanour battery and child endangerment.

The model has denied touching the nanny and claims that she tripped while holding Nahla.

Halle and Gabriel are due back in court on Monday where the actress is expected to ask the judge to strip Gabriel of his custody rights until the criminal investigation is concluded.

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