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Debbie Gibson: I've overcome anxiety

Debbie Gibson says that she's "off medications" now thanks to a change in her diet.

The pop star told Us Weekly that she was making frequent visits to her physician without getting to the bottom of what her issue was.

Debbie says that her poor diet and hectic lifestyle added to her anxiety and her increasing weight.

"I was constantly going to the doctor," the 41-year-old said. "I finally realised my food choices were affecting my health."

Debbie, who was recently fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, says she turned to the Better Than Lipo? programme which consists of lean protein and vegetables and a low-glycemic eating plan.

"You become a scientist about your own body," Debbie shared. "To find out what your tolerances are, so you don't wake up one day and go, 'Why do I feel underwater today? What did I eat?'"

"I'm off [anti-anxiety] medications now - all by becoming aware of how my food choices were affecting my well being."

The Foolish Beat singer says she's now shed 10lbs and hasn't felt better.

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