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Debbie McGee has no regrets over life with Paul Daniels

Debbie McGee has taken comfort in the fact that her late husband Paul Daniels had such a good life.

Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels told each other "I love you" every single day.

The 57-year-old star has been in mourning since her magician husband passed away last month (Mar16) aged 77 after a short battle with a brain tumour.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (12Apr16), Debbie opened up about Paul's final days, and said she can take comfort in the fact she has no regrets surrounding her married life.

"We always did (tell each other) every day (that we loved each other)," she said. "When he was diagnosed and I realised he wasn’t going to understand what was going on, my immediate thought after I’d got over the shock and how devastating it was, was that actually, I haven’t got any regrets, there’s nothing we haven’t said.

"Because when someone is diagnosed with something, your immediate thought is is there something I need to say, and is there something we need to do. But there wasn’t anything. And so I was so comforted that we knew how much we loved each other and we had enjoyed every single moment of our life. Even through the bad times we were a team."

Debbie has been doing her utmost to cope well since Paul's death. And she added the knowledge that Paul had a "good life" has been helping her get through the difficult times.

"It’s incredible because until you’re in this position you have no idea how you’re going to cope, and I would never have thought I could have coped like I am," she said. "But I think because I had such a happy life with Paul and he didn’t suffer, and he didn’t know he was dying, that has made it easier. You still have your really black moments, especially when you’re at home on your own, but i just keep counting my blessings and cling onto all the happy times I’ve had.

"And you know, we loved working together, we loved living together, and it was such a good life. And he had such a good life. So the loss is the tragedy and I think he had so much more to give, because he was always full of energy. Obviously I’m sad but it helps, and it helps that everyone around has just been so amazing."

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