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DeGeneres: I hated funniest person title

Ellen DeGeneres likes funny women who are not self-deprecating.

The chat show host has been making people laugh since the 1980s when she toured as a stand-up comic. Her efforts saw her named Showtime’s Funniest Person in America, an accolade that the 57-year-old doesn’t give much weight to.

“I couldn't possibly say that there's one funniest person,” she told the Harper’s Bazaar US when asked who her favourite is. “I held a title like that in 1984. I was "the Funniest Person in America," and it was a ridiculous title that unfortunately some people took seriously when they came to see me at a comedy club. You can't possibly call someone the funniest person in America.”

Ellen successfully hosted the Academy Awards last year for the second time, using her wit and comic timing to full effect. Despite being a huge name in female comedy, Ellen has a lot of time and respect for many of her peers.

“I think people like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey are funny. They're all powerful women,” she said. “They're not self-deprecating; they're strong and funny and smart, and they're each unique. They're not trying to be somebody else.”

Ellen gets to interview some of the biggest names in showbusiness on her talk show. But despite boasting the likes of Meryl Streep and Justin Bieber on her guest list, there’s still someone who has escaped her.

“The person who invented the sock, who I think was really clever. I mean, how did they know that it would fit so many different feet?” she joked.

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