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DeGeneres 'makes $15 million profit on home'

Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly sold The Brody House, despite only buying it just before the start of the year.

The talk show host and her wife Portia de Rossi bought The Brody House in Los Angeles for $40 million just before New Year's.

Now TMZ reports Napster co-founder Sean Parker was so impressed by the place and Ellen's interior design, he offered her $55 million for it. According to the website, the couple never intended to sell, but found it hard to say no to such an incentive.

Luckily this doesn't mean Ellen and Portia are out on the streets. The pair are thought to have invested in a whole floor of a condo near Beverly Hills for $16 million and they also have a place in Santa Barbara.

A change of scenery could be a welcome move for Portia and Ellen, who have recently had to deal with reports of marriage problems. They tied the knot in 2008 and now it's being claimed Arrested Development star Portia checked herself into rehab for 30 days in May following issues with Ellen and substance abuse.

“They got into an ugly fight,” a source close to the couple told In Touch Weekly. “Portia hadn’t been happy for a while and was drinking and isolating [herself], and Ellen confronted her. Portia lost it and blamed Ellen for driving her to drink because of her controlling ways and said she wasn’t in love with her anymore. Ellen was crushed and screamed at Portia to get out.”

Ellen, 56, apparently visited her 41-year-old wife every weekend she was in the Passages Malibu facility.

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