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Demi ‘cleansed of Ashton’

Demi Moore reportedly travelled to India for a “final cleansing of Ashton”.

The actress reportedly flew to India with her Sikh spiritual guru Hargopal Kaur Khalsa for a three-day retreat with the Dalai Lama after finalising the settlement. It seems Demi is eager to move on with her life and put her marriage breakdown behind her.

“The trip’s goal was a final cleansing of Ashton,” a source told British magazine Grazia. “It was tough for her. While she’s comfortable being alone, it was incredibly challenging not being able to interact.”

Demi is believed to have attended a silent retreat at the Tushita Meditation Centre in Dharamsala.

She also apparently went to a three-day conference hosted by the Dalai Lama on dealing with craving, desire and addiction.

“Demi continues to seek help for her long-term battle with drug and alcohol addiction and after she split from Ashton she feel back into an addictive trap. She’s conscious of not letting the divorce send her back into a dark place,” the source added.

Demi’s close friend Russell Brand is believed to have advised Demi to go to a Buddhist retreat. He apparently found the experience beneficial following his split from Katy Perry.

“Russell said it would help her gain perspective and keep her on track,” an insider explained.

The 51-year-old actress is said to be feeling happier and healthier since returning from India. It seems she is ready to accept Ashton’s relationship with Mila Kunis following speculation the pair may soon announce their engagement.

“Demi says she is now at peace with the divorce. But she felt she needed to clear her head of any negative energy,” a source said. “Demi now insists she is fully cleansed of Ashton and is even ready to welcome Mila into her life.”

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