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Demi Lovato: I don't like games

Demi Lovato thinks it's a bad idea to try to make a lover jealous because it "doesn't do any good".

The 20-year-old former Disney star has suffered through the ups and downs of her romantic life in the spotlight since she began dating.

Demi was linked to Joe Jonas in 2010, and to Wilmer Valderrama after their break-up.

Her biggest lesson in love has been to avoid causing emotional turmoil in relationships.

"If you find somebody that you really care about or that you really like, never try to make the person jealous, because it doesn't do any good," she told America's OK! magazine.

The singer played coy about her current love interest.

When asked about her crush of the moment, she laughed about her obsession with Disney's most famous star.

"Mickey Mouse. I think there's something about the black on white. So sexy!" she mused.

Demi is currently filming her second season on X Factor US.

After spending months working alongside Simon Cowell on the show, Demi says she's come to know the mogul beyond his gruff exterior.

She also refuses to be intimidated by him, and that's done wonders for their working relationship.

"I'm not intimidated by him, like a lot of people are. I can see through the mean exterior, and know that there's a really good guy in there," she said.

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