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Demi Moore ‘beaming’ with new beau

Demi Moore is reportedly enjoying her “intense” relationship with 30-year-old commercial pearl diver Will Hanigan.

The 50-year-old actress is rumoured to be dating 30-year-old commercial pearl diver Will Hanigan.

The pair struck up a relationship after she recently broke up with 31-year-old restaurateur Harry Morton. Demi is also currently undergoing a divorce with estranged husband Ashton Kutcher, 35.

The star’s emotional upheaval is said to decrease significantly when she spends time with Will.

Apparently their strong mutual attraction for each other fills her with energy.

“Demi is beaming,” a source told Star magazine.

“She feels better than she has in years, and the main reason for that is Will. He is a breath of fresh air in her life. It’s been a short relationship but more intense than anything Demi has felt before.”

It is said that Demi’s physical relationship with Will is extremely inspiring.

The actress is thought to be enlivened by their lovemaking.

“She constantly talks about how Will is the best sex she has ever had,” an insider said.

Demi and Will met at a yoga class.

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