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Demi Moore ‘feeling Zen-like’

Demi Moore is reportedly "actively trying" to find a boyfriend, but isn't letting her single status get her down too much.

The actress has experienced a difficult time following her split from Ashton Kutcher, especially as he is now happily dating Mila Kunis. Demi and Ashton are in the midst of a divorce and while she is still upset their marriage didn't work, she is doing her best to move on.

The star has been enjoying regular yoga sessions lately, leading to a friendship with Russell Brand. The British comedian is even thought to have invited Demi, 50, on a spiritual retreat to India and she is said to be trying her utmost to relax more.

"She’s accepted what is going on with her life. She would like a new boyfriend and is actively trying to find one, she thinks that will help her to move on from Ashton," an insider told RadarOnline.

"Demi’s been really Zen like lately – just going along with the flow and trying not to stress out."

The actress spent time in rehab following her marriage breakdown and her relationship with her daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout has also suffered.

There has been speculation the young women were even thinking of taking out a restraining order against their mother. Although the group seemed to have mended some fences, Demi's children are still concerned for their mom's wellbeing.

In December, the star caused a stir at a Chanel party when she danced provocatively, showed off her slim frame and dined with a stray cat on her lap.

Her daughters with her ex-husband Bruce Willis are apparently worried she is "desperate to hang onto her youth at all costs".

"Demi wishes things were different with her girls, she loves them, but they’re not speaking to her still and she doesn’t know what to do to fix things," the insider explained.

"She knows her relationship with her daughters is bad, but she’s accepted it for what it is right now."

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