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Demi Moore: I love seeing Rumer shine

Demi Moore says the bullying of her daughters when they were younger has “truly been painful” for her.

The 26-year-old is currently wowing viewers on talent show Dancing With The Stars. Rumer has topped the leader board on a number of occasions and no one is more impressed by her performances than her mother, Demi Moore.

“It is thrilling!" she gushed to Us Weekly. "I am so proud of her and excited for people to be seeing what I have seen since she was a little girl. She is incredibly talented, and I love seeing her light shine!"

It’s even more special for Demi as she witnessed firsthand the hurtful comments that Rumer and her two other daughters, Scout and Tallulah, had to deal with as they were growing up. For years her girls were targeted by the media, but the 52-year-old is glad their strength as a family got them through it.

“The tabloid bullying all three of my children have experienced, especially in their teens, has truly been painful," the G.I. Jane actress added. "No child should be subjected to that type of judgment or criticism, especially based on their looks...As a parent, all you can do is love them and keep loving them until they love themselves."

Demi raised her children with second husband Bruce Willis, who she was married to for nearly 13 years before their divorce was finalised in October 2000. But despite the end of their union, both actors were there to support Rumer when she was branded ‘Potato Head’ by the media.

“I was just so insecure with who I was that I kept trying to change myself to fit into what I thought everyone wanted," Rumer added to the publication.

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