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Demi Moore in 'downward spiral'

Demi Moore is reportedly caught up in a "downward spiral" over her marriage breakdown.

A source claims that the actress is refusing to accept that her relationship with Ashton Kutcher is over and wants things to go back to the way they were.

The couple split last year amidst allegations that the Two and a Half Men star had cheated on his wife on their sixth wedding anniversary.

It has been widely reported that Demi has been struggling since their break-up but an unexpected meeting with her ex is said to have tipped her over the edge.

"Demi has been in a dark place since seeing Ashton at the pre-Globes party. Ever since then she's been on a downward spiral," an insider told British magazine Grazia. "She seems to have moved into this stage of complete denial that the marriage is over and just desperately wants things to go back to how they were. She's frantically trying to keep track of Ashton and cling on to what they had."

Demi has been looking frail and unwell ever since the split was announced and was rushed to hospital last week after collapsing.

Her spokesperson stated that the star was being treated for "exhaustion" but there were rumours that the 49-year-old was suffering from anorexia and substance issues.

The source claimed that the Hollywood star has not been looking after herself properly.

"Demi has been in emotional free-fall. She hasn't been eating or sleeping, and has totally abandoned her health," the insider added.

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