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Demi Moore ‘seeking spousal support’

Demi Moore is reportedly requesting a hefty spousal support sum from Ashton Kutcher in the wake of their high-profile split.

The pair ended their six-year marriage over 16 months ago amidst accusations Ashton cheated on their wedding anniversary, but Demi only filed her divorce papers in March.

The 50-year-old actress is said to be seeking spousal support from the Two and a Half Men actor, with a source telling US website TMZ that she is hell bent on taking what she thinks is rightfully hers.

"Demi Moore has been like a heat-seeking missile... squarely aimed at the bank of Ashton Kutcher," an insider connected with the couple explained.

The source added that Demi's request is all the more surprising because as well as being worth considerably more than Ashton, she recently received a belated $15 million payout from former husband Bruce Willis in connection with their divorce.

Demi's high-profile split from action star Bruce apparently netted her a staggering $90 million, while her worth is estimated at $150 million.

Ashton's fortune is said to be at around $140 million.

TMZ writes that if the divorce case doesn't settle "it's virtually certain a judge would reject Demi's spousal support claim."

Meanwhile, insiders added that Demi wants Ashton to help pay for the renovations to her New York apartment, which is "something he's unwilling to do".

Demi is apparently "upset" because Ashton got involved in an online business and she "feels entitled to part of it", however the star started the project after their split, so it's unlikely that the actress will be entitled to any of Ashton's profits.

Sources told TMZ that Ashton is willing to give Demi "something to end the battle" although it's not known at this point how much.

The settlement could be sorted as early as next month, estimate sources.

Ashton is now dating Mila Kunis, while Demi has been linked to several men in the past year.

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