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Demi Moore 'stalling on divorce'

Demi Moore is reportedly "stalling" on signing her divorce papers.

The Hollywood star split from her husband Ashton Kutcher last year, following claims he had been unfaithful. She started proceedings to legally end their union but it has been claimed she is yet to sign the documents.

Ashton was recently linked to pop star Rihanna and was previously thought to be dating screenwriter Lorene Scafaria. Demi hasn't been seeing anyone, having spent time in rehab after collapsing at home.

Hearing about how Ashton has supposedly moved on has apparently hit Demi hard.

"Demi is stalling as she's so hurt and angry with Ashton right now. She keeps getting bits of information from mutual friends, which is making things even worse. She said that when she first filed for divorce, they both made a pact that they would be upfront with each other when their time came to move on, so Ashton's behaviour is making things even worse," a source told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

"Demi was close to singing the papers a couple of weeks ago, because of pressure from the lawyers, but in light of recent events she's not feeling so cooperative."

Demi has three daughters with her ex-husband Bruce Willis, and 23-year-old Rumer is still in touch with Ashton. She is said to be encouraging her mother to end the marriage for good as she thinks it will help her deal with her personal issues.

Demi was seen looking increasingly frail following her split from Ashton and there was speculation she received treatment for substance abuse and an eating disorder while in rehab.

"[Rumer] desperately wants her mom to just sign the papers and get closure, so she can finally move on with her life and get herself better again," the insider added. "But Demi is a strong woman and won't be backed into a corner."

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