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Denise Richards: I never sold sex

Denise Richards has denied ever being a prostitute, insisting her ex-husband Charlie Sheen can "vouch" for her.

During a TV interview, the actress was quizzed on the craziest things she has ever heard about herself. Denise admits there have been a host of ridiculous rumours, but she was most shocked about claims regarding her sexual activity.

"The craziest rumour that's ever been written about me is that I was a prostitute for Heidi Fleiss," Denise said in an interview with Nancy O'Dell for Entertainment Tonight. "I think my ex-husband [Charlie Sheen] would vouch for me, and Heidi I'm sure would too, that I was not. I've never been a hooker."

Denise also spoke about her relationship with Charlie. Although the pair went through a messy divorce, they have now been spotted spending more time together with their children. Denise insists they have both realised it is important to remain on good terms.

"We went through a lot but it takes two people to make that commitment and make it about the kids," she explained. "It is hard. But if we can get through this and get to the other side - and we do have a great relationship for our kids - then I think anyone can if we are able to."

The beauty was then asked if she regretted saying Charlie was like a brother to her. Denise admits she instantly realised her comments would be misunderstood.

"I knew I shouldn't have said that. It sounded a little creepy" she laughed.

Denise went on to discuss the latest workout regime she has been following.

The 41-year-old star has two daughters with Charlie - Sam, who turns eight on Friday and six-year-old Lola.

She admits it can be tough to juggle her career with raising a family and keeping in shape.

Denise has been singing the praises of The Physique 57 Solution which involves performing exercises while using your own body as resistance.

"When [my girls] were really little I worked out at 5.30 in the morning, because that was the only time that I could honestly commit," Denise revealed. "[This is] the most challenging and most addictive [workout ever]."

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