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Denzel: Who the heck is Becks?

Denzel Washington is "a work in progress".

The Equalizer star is one of the most successful actors of his generation and has won two Academy Awards for his work on the big screen. While he has worked with, and met, many well-known faces, one particular celebrity seems to have passed him by.

"What's the guy's name that used to live down the street from me? The soccer player? Doesn't he dress well?" he queried when asked by the British edition of GQ for his thoughts on the most stylish British male. "Beckham! That's it. Well I just know him because he used to live down the street from me in Beverly Hills and there would be all kinds of paparazzi down there. It was mad. It was crazy. They'd follow them everywhere; I was like, 'How can these people live?' I thought I was famous [laughs], they're on another level. Why? How does life become that?"

The 59-year-old won a best supporting actor Oscar in 1990 for Glory and then another for best actor in Training Day in 2002. But despite his success, Denzel hasn't got too big for his boots and thinks there's still room for him to grow as an actor and as a person.

"I'm still a work in progress so I don't know if there was actually one day when I thought, 'This is the reason I was born.' I mean, that's thinking a bit much of yourself isn't it? What if you're wrong?" he mused with a laugh. "What if I'd said at 22, 'Oh, I'm an actor, this is why I was born,' and then I hadn't worked for the next twenty years?"

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