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Depp doesn't need perfection

Johnny Depp is enamored with old-fashioned technology.

When it comes to technology, the quirky actor says he is old fashioned in his knowledge. Despite his lack of technical ability, Johnny is currently starring in Transcendence, a sci-fi thriller all about complex scientific advances.

Although Johnny isn't well versed in the latest discoveries, he does appreciate the place they hold in society.

"I've always been a musician my whole life, so in terms of technology there's all kinds of possibilities, digitally, which is great... but I'm still enamoured and I'm still in love with the analogue. I'm still in love with 2in. tape and a Studer machine," Johnny laughed to ET At The Movies. "I think it's brilliant that things can exist within the ether, it's all wonderful, but I love mistakes and I love clamour and I love imperfection."

While scientific discovery may not be high on Johnny's list of importance, he still needs basic technology to get through the day.

While the star doesn't have any form of social media account, he does rely on his phone, although he tries not to be too dependent on the portable device.

"My technological abilities stop at about [game] Pong. Phones are just a thing to basically insult my thumbs," he laughed.

Johnny's co-star in the film, Paul Bettany, also admits his knowledge of science is rusty.

"Not really," Paul said when asked if the film had taught him anything about nanotechnology or artificial intelligence. "In the same way that I've played surgeons in the past, but you wouldn't want me to operate on you."

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