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Derek Hough: I control my temper

Derek Hough attempts to "keep his head when everybody else loses theirs".

The 26-year-old actor admits that he once had a very bad temper.

Now that he's matured a bit, Derek has learned how to keep his emotions under control.

"I try to keep my head when everybody else loses theirs," he told People magazine. "I have been known to put my fist through a wall. Now if I get mad, I'll throw a water bottle against the wall."

Derek doesn't regret much in his life, except eating foods that his belly doesn't approve of.

"Having nachos the other night at the movies [was a bad move]," he recalled. "I enjoyed it when it was happening, like, 'This is making my life complete right now,' and then immediately after, my body goes, 'Derek, why, oh why, did you do that?' That's the regret there."

Derek dives into a lot of death defying ruckus in his free time.

"I was on vacation in the Caribbean and I went night diving. It was pure terror," he shared. "I couldn't see in front of me and there were sharks in the water."

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