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Derulo: I can't master cooking

Jason Derulo wishes he didn't start to think he could cook when he gets in the kitchen, as it's always a disaster.

The 25-year-old singer has been open about his lack of cooking skills in the past, previously admitting it's one thing he is hopeless at. He's now had some time to consider what the real problem is, and has decided that it's time for him to accept he has no skills when it comes to meal preparation.

"You know what my problem is I think? I think I'm a little too creative in the kitchen. For some reason when I get in the kitchen I feel like I know how to cook," he marvelled to BBC Radio 1. "So I start putting things together, I be like, 'Oh that needs a little bit of ginger right there, let me put a little bit of chocolate on the chicken.' Yeah I like jelly, everybody likes jelly right?"

That said, there are a couple of dishes which Jason can conjure up easily. He is a dab hand at cooking omelettes and also knows how to heat up hotdogs. But other than that he's clueless, joking that if he was marooned with someone of a similar culinary level they would probably both starve.

Despite this glaring void in his skill set, Jason isn't particularly bothered about learning chef pointers.

"You know what, I'm really competitive athletically. I don't want to know how to cook really, but I want to know how to cook two amazing meals so when people come over they're like, 'Wow, did you see [what he had]?'" he explained.

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