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Dev Patel: You can get me in a Happy Meal!

Dev Patel deeply regrets not continuing Taekwondo.

The 24-year-old actor began his career on the small screen in hit UK series Skins, before finding worldwide fame in Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire.

Not all his work has been as popular as the 2008 film, but there have been some quirky perks from his less successful flicks.

"I have [my own action-figure]. I did this god-awful film called The Last Airbender, and the best part was that my character got his own Happy Meal toy," he laughed to British magazine ShortList.

Dev will always be proud of his breakthrough film and wouldn't even mind if his involvement was written on his grave. However he draws the line when people ask him to perform the Bollywood dance routine from the end of the movie, admitting he wants to "shoot them in the face".

He isn't just a talented actor; Dev won a bronze medal at the 2004 AIMAA Taekwondo World Championships. Unfortunately he hasn't had the time to carry it on since then.

"I should be, right?" he sighed when asked if he's still a ninja. "I did it for eight years. Not keeping it up is one of my biggest regrets – now I can barely touch my toes."

Dev maintains a modest attitude and, while he may have a house in Los Angeles, he still has a mortgage to pay.

"I’m not making ‘Will Smith’ money yet," he grinned.

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